Packing for Disney with Kids

PackingJust going out on a day trip with little kids and/or babies can involve some strategic planning and packing…but what about a vacation that will last several days in a warm climate?

Disney has you covered.

  • Forget bringing the Pack n’ Play – you can request them at the front desk. The same goes for mattress pads (for those who prefer a softer surface) and bed-rails for older kiddos.
  • Don’t bring your own stroller if you won’t use it at the airport. You can rent from Disney (in-park only) or from Apple Strollers or Kingdom strollers (for your entire stay). An additional benefit of not lugging equipment you won’t use is that you won’t risk damage to your own stroller (sometimes they get banged up in transport).
  • It is also totally unnecessary to pack more diapers, wipes, and powdered formula than you’ll need until you get settled into your room (I would say up to several hours after you land). Diapers and wipes alone can fill a small suitcase, and who wants to pay an extra bag fee? Instead, package up your trip’s supply of diapers, wipes and powdered formula in a box and ship them to your resort. As long as you include your name and your check-in date, Bell Services will hold the package for you until you arrive.
  • Want to save luggage space AND money on bottled spring water and other drinks for the resort room mini-fridge? There are two really good options – Garden Grocer and Amazon Pantry. Garden Grocer is a local grocery store that will deliver to your resort, and Amazon Pantry (if you have a Prime membership) will ship a huge box to your resort for around $6.
  • Don’t waste space packing a bunch of toys. Trust me – they won’t get touched. Pack 1 favorite toy for each kid. We wasted nearly an entire suitcase on toys for our then 2 1/2-year-old who is on the autism spectrum because we were anticipating needing lots of distractions for him. DISNEY was all the distraction he needed.
  • Make sure you have a change of clothes in your carry-on for the kiddos…just in case of an accident or spill and the possibility of being in the parks before you get into your room.
  • Fill down-time in the car and on the plane with fun activities and dollar-store finds. Kids each get their own carry-on, so pack a back-pack with fun distractions (and snacks)!