Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney World – with List of Locations for Download

Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney World


One thing anyone who has ever been to Walt Disney World knows is that souvenirs can be darned expensive. But, there are some souvenirs that are not only very reasonably priced, they also add to the fun Disney experience – pressed coins!

Walt Disney World Pressed Coin MachineThroughout Disney World’s parks and resorts are pressed coin machines – to the tune of over 500 available designs on Disney property! (There are 6 designs that you must travel to the Disney Cruise Lines Terminal in Port Canaveral in order to get.)

There are 528 penny designs, 4 dime designs, and 70 quarter designs – with a cost of $.50, $.75, and $1.00 respectively (not including the coin that gets pressed). Not only is finding and collecting the pressed coins at Disney World super-fun, but it is inexpensive and can become a family tradition as there are so many that you can’t possibly get them all in one visit. Adding to the fun even more is coming up with unique ways to display or even wear your pressed coins once you get them home. Here are a couple of examples…

Mickey Mouse Frame

Pressed Penny Necklace

Don’t forget to download the complete list of available pressed coins!

NEW Download – Epcot Passport Book

Many people think there isn’t anything for kids to do at Epcot Center in the World Showcase. Reality couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are plenty of activities for all ages to enjoy along with live entertainment that is specific to each country. I made this fun passport book for my son to use for getting stamps at each of the Epcot countries in World Showcase, and it came out so nicely that I made up instructions and decided to share it here!

Epcot Passport to the World


Epcot Passport Book

Free Things to Do at Disney World Part 1

Free Things to Do at Disney WorldIs Disney World expensive?

You bet your butt it is! But there are so many things you can do that don’t cost a penny once you are actually there. So, don’t go and try to get your unwilling kid to climb aboard that pony for $8 quite yet…because this is Part 1 of a much longer series that will include tons of things you can enjoy at absolutely no cost once you arrive at Disney World.

1. Performances

This one is great because you don’t even have to set foot in the parks to enjoy the live performances at Disney’s BoardWalk. Very often, you can see jugglers, comedians, jazz ensembles, or even fire-eaters!

2. Watch Animals

Head over to Animal Kingdom Lodge, and you can walk around outside and watch the amazing animals! There aren’t as many as there are at Animal Kingdom itself, but it is still very enjoyable and there are Cast Members nearby who are ready and willing to tell you all about the animals. If you happen to be a guest at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you have access to a special evening viewing.

3. Create a Journal

A fun activity for any age can be creating a journal as a keepsake of your trip! Write down specific memories you don’t ever want to forget – a special meal, your favorite attraction, a magical moment with a character, etc. Even just a single sheet of paper can be trimmed and added to a scrapbook for years of future enjoyment!

4. Search for Hidden Mickeys

A lot of people are aware of Hidden Mickeys. But, did you know that there are books and websites dedicated solely to these fun little finds? Take a picture and jot down where you spotted one and search online to see if you found one not mentioned on the popular sites. Pictures are another nice addition to your Journal, too!

5. Free Snack Samples

The Main Street Confectionery hands out free samples every day! Cotton candy is a common sample.

6. Create a Family Tradition

Find a lovely spot that isn’t a “typical” photo op place (like in front of Cinderella’s Castle) and have fun coming up with a not-so-common or silly pose for a picture. You can duplicate the pose on future family outings and vacations and even duplicate it in other Disney parks!

7. Watch a Movie

Some of the resorts on Disney property offer movies under the stars for free!

8. Roast Marshmallows

Some resorts even offer campfires at night with marshmallow roasting!

9. Play with Legos

There are bins full of Legos in front of the Lego Store at DownTown Disney – play away!

10. Take a Guided Tour

Select resorts at Walt Disney World offer complementary guided tours! Wonders of the Lodge is a 1-hour tour of Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom Lodge has three different tours.


That’s all for now, but be sure to keep checking back because this will be an ongoing series featuring free (or close to free) activities you can enjoy with your family.


NEW Download – Disney World Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Why not add some extra fun to your family vacation by helping your little ones with a scavenger hunt? These items are scattered throughout Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom…cross them off the list or fill in the Mickey symbols once you find them. Happy hunting!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt PDF

Keep your eyes peeled for more fun activities for the kids!