A New Pricing Structure in the Future?

Social media and forums are a-buzz with a survey Disney has sent out to people who have recently visited the parks. The survey concerns a tiered pricing system and from the looks of it, Disney is putting out feelers about charging higher prices on peak days of the week as well as peak months of the year.

Here is a calendar with the three different tiers clearly marked as gold, silver and bronze.

Tiered Calendar

Under tiered pricing, the ticket price would be as follows:

  • Gold: $125 – peak, single day ticket (Christmas, New Years, Easter and the month of July) to Magic Kingdom; $115 for other parks – valid any day of the year
  • Silver: $115 – mid-peak, single day ticket (Friday-Sunday) to Magic Kingdom; $105 for other parks – valid most days except peak and holiday weeks
  • Bronze: $105 – non-peak, single day ticket (Monday-Thursday) to Magic Kingdom; $97 for other parks – valid only during off-peak weekdays
  • Multi-day tickets crossing two or more seasons must be purchased at the highest season’s price.
  • Guests visiting on a day that is currently blocked out on their ticket can upgrade to a higher-season ticket.

Tiered Pricing

Social media suggests that one of the questions asked in this survey was if higher prices would lessen the crowds at the parks, would this interest you.

After comparing the above prices with the current prices on the Disney site, Guests visiting for 10 days during peak days (Gold) would pay $40 more than current prices, during mid-peak (Silver) would pay $20 more, and during off-peak (Bronze) is the same as current prices. It really isn’t that much of a difference overall, but could cause some slight shifts in crowd levels.

Personally, I think the way the survey is presented is very confusing and that it could have been worded/presented in such a manner that would be more easily understood and that wasn’t (at first glance, at least) such a shock. That said, I think I would be willing to drop an extra $40 for a less crowded experience.

What do you think? Is it worth paying a little extra to experience the parks with smaller crowds?